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You hear about Supplier Diversity from the media, from executives and from your customers. Businesses are creating Supplier Diversity programs and expect their suppliers to utilize diverse suppliers. Now’s the time to put your own program in place.

There is a strong business case for Supplier Diversity. A Supplier Diversity program will: 

Give you a competitive edge.

Comply with growing customer demands.

Deliver a positive program ROI.

Enhance your image.

But where do you begin? 

Developing an effective program isn’t simple:

• You need people, processes and technology.

• You must identify current diverse suppliers, find your future ones, and engage with them all.

• You must be ready to report your efforts to customers and demonstrate to your leadership that Supplier Diversity increases revenue.

• Over time, you must grow and improve your program so that’s it’s not only sustainable but maximizes ROI.

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