Leadership: David Ricciardi

David’s experience spans 30 years and has led him to build, manage, and utilize large databases in industries as varied as financial, automotive, pharma, entertainment, and health care.  He founded Proximo, a certified diverse information services company, in 1997, to help clients with data strategy, data warehousing and integration, and predictive analytics and business intelligence.  David spends much of his time now as an advisor to clients, helping them to plan and execute on strategies that allow them to leverage data to make better business decisions, including within their Supplier Diversity departments, through the use of their unique insight data services.  David currently serves on the board of the Diversity Alliance for Science, after having previously served on the Executive Committee for the NGLCC New York (heading Supplier Diversity and Corporate Engagement) and the NGLCC's Procurement Council.  

Contact David Ricciardi Directly:

Work: 347.809.6785

Email: dricciardi@proximo.com

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Companies attribute an average of 10%-15% of their annual sales to their Supplier Diversity programs.