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Prime Supplier Model

Best Practices and Procedures for You

Our multi-step program to building a Supplier Diversity program includes:

  • Supplier Diversity defined and how it relates to other diversity programs

  • Why Supplier Diversity matters (diversity category Economic Impact)

  • Compliance and market driven program models

  • Five steps to building a great Supplier Diversity program

  • Major diversity classifications, importance of certification

  • Identifying meaningful spend insights for diverse spend reporting

  • Sourcing and tracking Tier 1 and Tier 2 spend

  • Baseline spend identification steps to determine “starting point”

  • Role of Procurement and Supplier Diversity

  • Policies and documentation supporting diversity

  • Communications and effective outreach programs

  • Measuring program effectiveness

Help for You and Your Suppliers

A successful Supplier Diversity program requires successful supplier engagement and support. Our interactive webinars and processes gives you proven best practices, policies, procedures and tools to create a Supplier Diversity program in a fraction of the time and cost of doing it on your own.


Supporting Technology for Everyone

An online dashboard and reporting system enable you to easily report on diverse spend, internally and externally to your customers for their reporting purposes. An online registration portal with easy to use search tools gives you access to identifying diverse suppliers & enables prospective suppliers to register online. The full system resides on a hosted, secure iCloud platform, offering data protection and a worry-free process.

What happens when you open the Box?

We start by collecting preliminary information and data about your company and customer requirements. The next step will be to setup up your custom software platform and begin scheduling online training courses totaling approximately 12 hours over approximately 12 weeks. Once our systems are in place, we aggregate data for efficient diverse spend reporting enrichment. The training program is front-loaded to allow for nearly a full year of support as contracted.


Customers with Supplier Diversity programs expect their suppliers to utilize diverse suppliers. Now is the time to put your own program in place!

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