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Leadership: Heather Cox


Within small to medium sized businesses, Heather Cox is an accomplished sales and operations executive with over a decade of experience. Currently, she is Co-founder and COO of Certify My Company, a diversity consultancy. Heather, along with her co-founder, wanted to be able to help women, minority and LGBT business owners, that qualify; certify their businesses to become part of the ranks and privileges that certification brings. To those ends, Certify My Company was born with the goal of inspiring and helping diverse businesses grow while having more fun and less time doing it.


Certify My Company provides the inspiration needed for business owners by helping them get their qualified businesses nationally certified.  Once certified, CMC consults with diverse businesses, linking them with large corporations and each other to increase revenue and strategizing with them to identify events and share expert knowledge and motivation.

Additionally, Certify My Company is the "one-stop-shop", “go to" resource for Corporate Diversity Executives to grow and reach their diversity goals. Heather and her team are uniquely qualified to liaise between Fortune 1000 Corporations and their diverse vendors.


Heather’s passion for supporting diverse businesssess stretches beyond Certify My Company. She has been a part of the Steering Committee for the WPEO NY, a member of the WBENC Forum Marketing Committee, Co-Chair of the Each One Reach One Campaign, served as Vice President of Diversity for the National Association of Women Business Owners and was a member of the Advisory Board for SuperBowl XLVIII.


On a more personal note, Heather is the mother of 5 children; when she is not working with diversity business owners, she enjoys sharing not-so-quiet moments with her effervescent little ones. Her husband, number one fan, and partner in parenthood rounds out the edges of an entrepreneurial life. In addition, Heather tries to find time for yoga, running, boot-camp and baking. As a former acro-gymnast, tight rope walker and juggler, she finds exercise helps her balance her life. Heather earned her BA in Spanish Language from the University of Texas at Austin.

Contact Heather Cox Directly:

NV Phone: 702.289.4229 x501

NJ Phone: 973.272.4159 x501


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